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Another athlete, another blog. So why follow this one? Most Excellent Adventures is a record of long days in beautiful places, and the information you need to do the same, bundled up so you don’t spend the hours we do planning.

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As you probably gathered from the title of this website, I go on a lot of adventures. And good adventures take a lot of planning. Though I often find myself off the map and into the night, I can only underestimate time and distance if I have somewhere to start at. The hours I spend online reading others’ recollections, finding campsites, and sourcing decent maps can easily rival the trail time for even the longest rides and hikes, not to mention the hours after spent poring over maps and GPS tracks to find out exactly where I was.

The primary objective of Most Excellent Adventures is to compile that information as a one-stop resource. Drawing on the bits of other blogs and websites that I find most useful, the wonderful Jaclyn DeMartini has coded into this site the ability to sort adventures by type, duration and location. Relevant metrics and maps for each adventure are prominently displayed, instead of buried in the theatrical retellings I enjoy reading but often find myself wading through to hunt down links.

I won’t be boring you with my daily training, even if it is on a scale that seems like an adventure to most. Recording my weekends is a big part of Most Excellent Adventures, but I am only spending time documenting those days that are a good story and/or required a fair amount of research. Read our bios and a little more about what qualifies as a Most Excellent Adventure in the About page. If you’d like to see what I do to maintain fitness and build the skills to survive my best attempts at finding where the sidewalk ends, you can follow me on Strava.

It would be impossible to speak of adventures without detailing the gear involved. But rather than list sponsors and thank them for their generosity with a generic line at the bottom of each post, I am incorporating my honest assessments of how select equipment performed in specific adventures. What I ate, rode, and wore is important information for reconstructing my days in the woods, and I won’t be holding back if I find something to be inadequate. Every tool has its job, you just have to know which to bring.

Thanks for coming to Most Excellent Adventures. I hope you enjoy my writing and find it useful in planning your own time away from the office.

-Menso de Jong

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